iConsentu now integrates with leading dental technology Dentally.

Fast. Simple. Seamless.

So how does it work?


For Practitioners

Step 1

Complete registration and await verification from the iConsentu team. This will take up to one working day.

Step 2

While you’re waiting for verification, decide which device you’ll use iConsentu on. For the best iConsentu experience, we recommend a tablet. We can provide you with a tablet for an additional fee.

Step 3

Once you have your tablet and are ready to get started, simply head here and enter your login details. You will need to set up your profile, and be sure to include all the dental practices you work in.

Step 4

Use our standard, ready-to-go consent forms or if you prefer, you can upload your own.

Step 5

Email your patient their iConsentu link ahead of their treatment. The animation is linked to their specific treatment. After the video the patient will complete the quiz, submit a photo and sign the consent form.

Step 6

You will then review the patient’s answers to the quiz, and all the details they have provided in the consent form.

For Patients

Step 1

The patient will receive a consent request from their practitioner via email ahead of time.

Step 2

The patient will then watch a simple to understand, but detail-rich animation on their upcoming procedure.

Step 3

After watching the video, the patient’s understanding is then verified with an interactive quiz.

Step 4

The patient will then take a photo of themselves for identification.

Step 5

The patient can then sign the document, providing informed consent.

Step 6

When the practitioner has reviewed all documents, they can give final approval and the patient will receive all documents via email.

Features of iConsentu

Your profile and practice information will be automatically inserted into the appropriate places on the consent forms.

Industry-standard consent forms that can be adjusted to your liking, plus text templates that you can pre-set to save you time.

Easy to navigate menus simplify the patient journey.

An easy-to-digest animation explains the upcoming treatment, followed by a quiz to test the patient’s understanding.

"There has been a 713% rise in investigations between 2012-2017 related to dental professionals failing to obtain the proper consent from patients for treatment."

GDC Annual Report

"This is the app that until now has been missing in modern general dental practice. It not only saves me time but, as far as I can see, also provides bulletproof consent by simplifying this complex process and the gives the patient all the information and time they need to give me valid consent.”

Dr Nikolaus Vourakis

Key Opinion Leader, Established Dental Educator


"It showed everything in steps. It gives you all the information that’s important – it gives you all the key points through the process… It’s easy – it’s up with the times. It’s moved on from the old style.”

Patient testimonial

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